My Passion

Melissa S. Myers for State Representative, District 40

Melissa’s Fight in Tallahassee:


  • A fight for our Seniors: To push for more healthcare options and funding for facilities who care for our 65 and over population
  • A battle for more resources for individuals who suffer with mental health illnesses
  • A push for funding for more affordable year-round youth programs
  • A provision for career training and development programs that will create more opportunities for individuals to obtain better financial stability
  • A push for more affordable housing programs for individuals whose income cannot handle recent rent increases
  • A defense for small businesses, giving business owners equal opportunity that prevent overpowering of larger organizations
  • A stand for empowerment of returning citizens by equipping them with needed resources.


Melissa’s campaign message is “Let’s Put Our Passion Into Action.” We, as a community will no longer wait on city leaders to do what is right by our communities. We must unite and enforce change.

Melissa S. Myers